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Museum Weekend is a museum workshop for families, usually held on the third Saturday of each month. It is free and aimed at families with children aged 5+.

At the Museum Weekend, children and parents get together to create, socialise, have fun and learn about the museum and its collections.

The date and theme of the Museum Weekend are announced in the media, on the Museum’s website and Facebook page.

+ November Museum Weekend GOLDEN BAROK

Ptuj Castle, Saturday, 20 November 2021, from 10.00 to 13.00

The workshop will demonstrate the gilding process, and participants will make a gilded Baroque ornament, see gilded objects in the castle rooms and put on a Baroque costume.

It is designed for families with children aged 5+ and it is free.

Participants are reminded to follow the PCT protocol.


Click >> POGLEJ V MUZEJ, jesenske počitnice na Ptujskem gradu

Visit the castle collections with Museum Cards! Available at the Museum ticket office.

+ The dragon that saw the saint: Find artwork depicting dragons!

+ Chest, chair, cupboard: Discover the most beautiful and interesting pieces of old castle furniture!


To prevent the spread of disease, the covid-19 case is no longer available!

Who is the mysterious knight guarding the entrance to Ptuj Castle? You can solve the riddle if you take a museum suitcase to the old days!

The Museum Suitcase Journey is an exploration of the castle collections for families with curious and adventurous children and parents.

Available at the museum ticket office.


Click >> POGLEJ V MUZEJ, jesenske počitnice na Ptujskem gradu

What can families do independently when visiting the museum collections at Ptuj Castle? We organise activities for families for the Slovenian Cultural Day, the Summer Museum Night, in the run-up to the New Year, during the holidays… Follow us on social media for more information. Facebook in Instagram.


Click >> POGLEJ V MUZEJ, jesenske počitnice na Ptujskem gradu

In the rooms of Ptuj Castle, sometimes during holidays and festivals, there are hidden puzzles waiting to be solved! Follow us on social media for exact dates Facebook in Instagram.


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