Guess the Type of Fabric


We’ve hidden different fabrics inside the counter. Some you will know, others you may not. Some are quite ordinary, but the most special and exquisite ones were used to make clothes for the Emperor himself! Gently feel the fabrics through the openings and try to find out which type they are. Don’t be afraid, the fabrics on display have been taught to be friendly to museum visitors and explorers of all ages, AND THEY DON’T BITE! If you don’t guess the names of the fabrics on your first try, don’t give up, just try again. Which fabric is your favourite?

From left to right, the fabrics are wool, silk, linen, synthetic, and cotton. In the last compartment of the counter, we’ve displayed the very special fabric that was once used to make the Emperor’s new clothes.


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2250 Ptuj
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