War and Peace, exhibition

War and peace: Archaeological research at Panorama Hill in Ptuj in 2020

On view from 15. 12. 2022 to 28. 02. 2023 at Ptuj Castle.

In recent years, archaeological research at Panorama Hill has led to surprising discoveries. In 2020, the Institute of Archeology of the Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) excavated on the hill in cooperation with the Regional Museum of Ptuj – Ormož.

A new perspective has been opened on the past of ancient Poetovio, which is characterized by two periods: the time of the military fortress in the 1st century and the time of the civilian city from the 2nd to the first half of the 5th century. The present exhibition presents a selection of finds discovered in 2020.