Old castle walls – New textile installations

In the year when the Ptuj- Ormož Regional Museum celebrates its venerable one hundred and thirtieth anniversary, we are putting on display the outdoor textile installations of the Contemporary Textile Center Kreativnica from Škofja Loka.

Placed on the inner walls of Ptuj Castle, the original textile works by several authors are made using various textile techniques, such as felting, weaving, hand sewing, dyeing and textile printing, and highlight the environmental issues and draw attention to the necessity of sustainable development. The purpose of the exhibition is to connect modern textile works of larger dimensions designed for outdoor public spaces with the museum’s baroque tapestries that decorate the rooms of Ptuj Castle.

Textile designers Lili Panjtar, Nina Vastl Štefe, Anja Musek and Silva Horvat work in the Kreativnica Contemporary Textile Center.