Following the Paths of the Antient Residents of Ptuj

Archaeological research, which took place in the courtyard of Stara steklarska, Vrazov trg and the surrounding streets, was completed in March 2023. Remains of houses and their yards were discovered, and archaeologists also investigated the remains of the former road arrangement. As part of archaeological research, the remains of a wooden structure that was the basis for the oldest road were discovered on Vrazov trg. The development of the street network in the 13th century was the basis for the beginning of the organized settlement of the area. The names of the streets that appear from the Middle Ages onwards indicate that the city developed into a closed urban whole during this time, which has remained almost unchanged to this day.
Archaeological research was carried out by the STIK Group in cooperation with PJP d.o.o. and Avgusta d.o.o.