For many years now, the Castle of Ptuj embraces large-scale installations designed by the festival’s contemporary artists. This year, the cooperation between the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum and Art Stays festival will be enhanced even further as the castle will host three international artists.
The Castle Hill will provide space to a site-specific installation by the young Italian artist Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, whose Vibravoid, namely sound machine made of wood and vibramotors powered by solar energy, will be oscillating in intervals between indulgence and desire.
Lynn Book is an American transmedia artist who works in various disciplines and cultural spheres. In collaboration with the festival, she has produced sound files for a large sound installation entitled Conductor, whereby her voice becomes a conductor for transmitting agony of people who have found themselves in a turbulent state of the current global situation.
The castle chambers will host Singaporean artist Zul Mahmod and his further developed sound installation from last year’s festival edition, Sonic Horizon, in connection with which the artist explains that regardless of our constant wondering about what lies ahead, we should not overlook our ability to listen to surroundings and spaces around us – here and now.


18. FESTIVAL ART STAYS, No more silence / Brez tišine, Ptuj, Slovenija
Otvoritveni vikend / Opening weekend: 16. – 19. JUL 2020
Razstave / Exhibitions: > 19. SEP 2020, Ptuj, Slovenija