Wall Paintings in the Castle of Ormož

Wall Paintings in the Castle of Ormož

The paintings on the first floor are considered to be among the most important classicist works of art in Slovenia. In 1810 an Austrian artist, Alojz Gleichenperger, was commissioned by the owner, Jožef Pauer, to make frescoes in four halls in the west wing of the castle.

The former dining-room was thus adorned with a painting depicting an illusionary landscape and an antique motif. The ceiling seems to be supported by four columns with Ionian capitals next to which stand four antique goddesses. Above the entrance door is depicted a still-life with monkey holding a piece of paper with the inscription: PHILOSOPHIA ET PSYHELOGIA ALOI GLEICHENPERGE PINXIT MDCCCX.

In the salon next door only the ceiling is painted. In the middle of each of the sides, the painter created a personification of each of the four continents.

The passage – the former smoking room – is only partly decorated: in the concluding lunettes are two scenes with putti representing summer and autumn.

In the former library only the ceiling is painted. A circle reminiscent of a sea-shell displays decorative motifs and representations of sea animals – fishes, crabs, shells and turtles. To the west and to the east two mythological scenes are depicted, while the west wall displays a part of a fresco with a plant motif dating back to the restoration works after the attack of the Kruci in 1704.

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