Roman brickworks kiln

Roman brickworks kiln

Along the imperial road Aquileia-Savaria in the east part of ancient Poetovio, an important craftsmen’s quarter with large residential buildings, shops, workshops, drying sheds and courtyards was discovered and researched.

The residential buildings of the quarter were embellished with frescoes, stucco and mosaics and heated with hypocausts.

Various workshops were unearthed on the site: those of stone-carvers, smiths, potters, glass-workers, brick-makers and lime-burners. There was a deposit of excellent clay in the vicinity so pottery workshops and brickworks prevailed, and they included kilns, drying sheds, rooms for preparation of clay, and wells.

One brickworks kiln out of numerous that have been discovered in the area, which is today a residential area Rabelčja vas, was displayed on the site. The kiln in which various earthenware products were baked dates from the 3rd century.

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